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How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ
Ten Lessons: A Woman's Guide on Spiritual Growth
In this book, How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ, Sabrina C Anderson reveals ten lessons of spiritual growth to help you live your best life in Christ.  Each lesson is inspired by the Holy Spirit and tailored with Biblical teachings to support new believers or those who are looking to grow spiritually.  Like a girl’s best friend, Sabrina encourages you to press beyond your limits to live a Fabulous Life in Christ.   Readers will learn to:
  • Identify what you haven’t achieved with God
  • Research what supports your point of growth
  • Pray with the expectancy of revelation and change
This is an invitation to seek God and transform your life. If you’ve ever felt like you’re missing out on the promises of God, then this book is for you.  As a bonus, Sabrina has added a scripture index & 10 self-study guides to help readers apply the lessons from How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ.
From a reader on twitter: @Fablifechrist You inspire me. My faith grows stronger each day studying the Word and reading your book. I feel peace like I've never known. @KathieBoyett
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 "It was amazing! It really helped me get through a situation I was dealing with and the study guides helped me realize that there were a lot of things that I needed to change in my life."-Ashley Colbert
"I felt like it spoke to me. I enjoyed it so much, I'm passing it on to my daughter!"-Norma