Friday, May 15, 2015

Why God is Silent

        For the last several months I've had the opportunity to meet regularly with a group of my closest girlfriends, praying at 5:30am every Wednesday and meeting once a week to discuss the book, A Woman after God's Own Heart. We laugh, we cry, we eat and we share our own spiritual experiences of strength and weakness and how it affects our lives. We each can recall a time when God has been exceptionally silent in our lives and as puzzling as it may seem,we agree that God is never really silent.

           But tell that to someone who has recently lost their husband and is desperately trying to pick up the pieces. How about the couple who struggles to conceive? Those with financial debt, working hard to get by only to have it all taken away by unforeseen circumstances; you just can't get ahead. Many of you, (myself included) have had your backs up against the wall asking tirelessly for resolutions that go unanswered. Healing hasn't come and faith is diminishing because.. God.. is.. silent.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Taking a Break is a Good Thing

     Is it just me or has this year passed by at just the right pace? I don't know if it's all the changes in my life, from starting a new career after being unemployed for way too long, the changes in relationships or the changes in my spiritual growth. But for whatever reason being more present in my everyday life has made this year seem just right-no too fast and not too slow.

     Perhaps it has something to do with the decision I've made to take a break and regather myself on all levels. Maybe it's just maturity, but I know the prevailing pressures of social media, financial freedom and achieving life's milestones can really take a toll on one person-spiritually, emotionally and certainly mentally. So today, I challenge you to take a break. Be present in yourself and the lives of those you love. Take some time to reflect on the things that are building you up, growing you into the person God wants you to be and most importantly the ways you are effecting other's lives.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Appointment God Made

       There comes a time..a day in your life when God makes an appointment to meet you at the bridge you must cross. The bridge that confronts that one fear, that root in your life that keeps you isolated from the desires you want most. It's the same bridge that over and over again in your life you continuously experience disappointment from. You take the scenic route around that area of your life, cause you figure you can keep going:"I can reach the promise land without crossing that bridge." And God, God says "no you cannot". "Meet me at the bridge. Meet me in that place you refuse to go so I can give you what's on the other side". But instead you put it off.

         So God makes an appointment to meet you there. He's there waiting cause he arranged your life events to bring you to this place. And there you are. Face to Face with the God, the same God who knows you intimately, knows exactly what you desire and as you stand there redeemed in his presence, there you must confront the truth. You kneel, you worship, you cry, you pray, you plead, you scream and there it is. The truth are wounded. The truth is, you carry a pain so deep in your heart that only true love can heal. The truth is ugly.

        Behind God is that bridge. You may say with routine, "I can cross that bridge later in life." And God says "no,the time is now." You either cross this bridge and receive what I have for you or you will continue to get close to that desire but never posses it. I can't give you what your heart desires until you give me...give me all of you.

          And as God strengthens you in your weakness, in your tears, he simply whispers, "Am I not in control?"

Monday, December 30, 2013

The Power to Prosper in 2014

       Anything you want, you can have if you work for it. To prosper is to have strength, it is to flourish in your life and those are two on-going experiences that do not happen without purposeful pursuit. You have the power to prosper if you are willing to put in the conscious effort to evolve.   I truly believe nothing happens as a coincidence in this life and that all is a spark of the divine, especially when you are eye to eye with the reality that a change needs to take place in your life.

      As you ring in the new year and set your resolutions for 2014, be reminded that anything is possible with God. Do not let fear, lack of money, or insecurities hold you back from living the life you want to live. Do not be afraid to dream. This world, this life has a lot to offer you if you are willing to look at it through the eyes of courage. You are capable, and you are important. You can and will succeed in 2014.

1. Redefine your limits and boundaries. Failure is a sign that we didn't dream big enough.

2. Honor your commitments. Do what is necessary to keep those promises to your self.

3. Do not suffer more than what is realistic. Stop rehearsing pain. Take the story of what has happened to you off repeat and move forward.

       Everyday is a chance to start all over again. Don't let the entirety of 2013 have the final say so in how successful you can be at achieving your goals. Let 2014 be the year that you love like never before. Be blessed and see you next year!